LONI WATSON - illustrator

Loni grew up in North East LA and has worked for many years in the community with children in the field of education and the arts.  She is a mixed media artist working as a sculptor, painter and printer.  Her work has been featured in the Sacred Memories and From Her art exhibitions at the Pico Gallery.  Pistil is her debut as an illustrator.  You can see her work at and @westcoastboroughs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Jessica graduated from the University of Michigan.  She is a screenwriter, author, filmmaker and comic creator as well as a young program developer.  Her screenwriting was awarded in the Sundance Film Festival.  She believes you are either part of the problem or part of the solution, and with that ethos, she nurtures her fictional characters along with two fierce, compassionate girls with her husband in Los Angeles.  


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