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Stigma, Issue #0 of the Pistil comic series, introduces Lita, a white knight hacker who uses technology to fight for victims of sexual assault with her mentor and only family, Hudson. With each wrong they fail to make right, Lita's past trauma and the supernatural protectors she acquired during her enslavement, demand blood for these unpunished crimes. When a child victim of rape commits suicide because of her community's harassment, Lita travels to that small town to stop the wicked. While tracking the predators, she meets Mira, another girl about to be attacked. During Mira's assault, Lita joins the Adelitas, warrior women who came before and whose spirits fill her with power, and she transforms into Pistil, a vigilante superhero.
Mira will search out justice by becoming a cop.
Pistil will deliver a reckoning to every predator she meets. 
The two remain forever connected by one violent night and the crimes committed against them.

Also available digitally on ComiXology