Pre-Order Pistil Issue #2 - Petals

Pre-Order Pistil Issue #2 - Petals


Lita and Hudson are closing in on The Burned One, El Quemado, getting one step closer to shutting down his sex trafficking ring while Mira tries to circumvent her captain and arrest the youth home director who played a part in a young girl's murder. Lita fights against her darker nature, Las Adelitas, and attempts to help the police instead of killing all these scumbags, but when she transforms into Pistil, the temptation may become too powerful to solve things the "right" way.

Issue #2 properly introduces Pistil's new adversary, Doña PiraWill Pistil be able to defeat this mysterious villain in red who has serious ass-kicking skills and wields a bow that blasts fire at her enemies?  Even more concerning, Pistil may be connected to this masked villain in ways she is not ready to face.

Item shipped on May 15th, 2019.

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